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AquaController Apex by Neptune Systems

Posted on Saturday, March 6th, 2010 at 11:16 am by

The AquaController Apex by Neptune Systems was released last year at Max. It has a great display unit that is easy to read and contains icons for each of the devices. Navigation is now so much easier than before with the new 7-button interface and a simple menu driven OS. You can even view graphing for the individual probes right on the display unit. The display unit connects to the AquaController Apex Base Unit via and AquaBus. Up to 240 different modules can be set up on each unit (1000’s of controlled outlets, and 100’s of probes). The clean layout of the Apex base unit nicely aligns an Ethernet port, Temp, 6 digital inputs, pH, second pH/ORP and 4 variable speed outputs (can be used with the AquaSurf, T5 dimming, etc.).

The new Energy Bar has an excellent fail-safe features that will default the outlets to a pre-set mode in case of a catastrophic event, while sending you an email alerting you to the fact that something went wrong.

A built-in web server control is included with the AquaController Apex, allowing the user to name channels, manually control each device, flash-based graphs, etc. “Canned” devices make this interface easy for any hobbyists to set up, while complete access to the programming statements is there for the more advanced users.

We’ll be adding a more in-depth look at this aquarium controller shortly.

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3 Responses to “AquaController Apex by Neptune Systems”

  1. John Simon says:

    Any idea when the Vortech wireless controller is going to come out? Once that comes out I plan to upgrade to the Apex.

    • RT says:

      We are checking for any updates from EcoTech and will report back shortly.

  2. aquaman says:

    These look sweet. I’m thinking of upgrading from my jr.

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