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Reef Illuminations Fixtures by IceCap Inc.

Posted on Tuesday, November 10th, 2009 at 8:00 am by

The Reef Illuminations fixtures are the first in a series of all-in-one fixtures from IceCap. The T5 fixtures sport a solid aluminum construction and offer silent operation, as no fan is needed. Each fixture comes with IceCap’s 3 year Warranty. The IceCap T5 Reef Illumination fixtures come with IceCap’s trademarked blue LEDs, the Lunarlites (420 – 460 nm). Each 4′ fixture powers 4 T5 bulbs and 4 Lunarlites strips, each including 75 individual emitters.

IceCap Reef Illuminations series also offers a Metal Halide,T5, LED combo. 4′ fixtures include 2 T5 bulbs, 2 LunarLite Blue LED Tubes, and 2 250W Double Ended Metal Halide bulbs.

These new fixtures from IceCap look great, and offer unmatched versatility and ease of use. There are one power cable dedicated to the Metal Halides, one for the T5’s, and one for the LEDs, allowing for dawn/dusk and moonlight applications for fully customized 24-hour lighting schemes. Cooling is provided by two built-in fans encouraging flow of air and cool operation.

Here is a quick promo from IceCap highlighting some of the features offered by the Reef Illuminations Series.

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