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Premium Products that Meet the Demanding Needs of Serious Aquatic Hobbyists
On the AquaticLife website, you will find an array of categories - ranging from water quality and testing to filtration and lighting. AquaticLife™ products include features and benefits not seen in products currently in the marketplace. See the difference for yourself!

We spotted Aquatic Life, who’s tag line is “bringing the ocean to you, wherever you may be”, at the Midwest Marine Conference this past weekend. We had a chance to chat with co-owner Michael Elliot, and discuss the overall direction and philosophy of the company. We are very impressed by ingenuity of the Aquatic Life […]

HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamps are Metal Halide bulbs that are comparable to many of the commonly available HQI lamps in the reefkeeping hobby. Aquatic Life has chosen to use these single-ended G12 base 150 watt bulbs due to the fact that they can be installed in both a horizontal and vertical position. This, Aquatic […]

A few months ago, we introduced Reef Tools reader to the T5 HO Light Fixtures by AquaticLife. Recently, we took a closer look at the 36″, 4 bulb unit. One of the nicest things about this unit, is the built-in timer. The unit offers 2 420/460nm, 2 700+nm, and lunar led lights, all of which […]

aquaticlife t5 ho light fixtures

These AquaticLife™ T5 HO fixtures offer 420/460 nm, 700+ nm and Lunar light in one streamlined unit.

* Timer controls T5 HO Fluorescent Lamps and Lunar LED’s independently.
* Adjustable width Aquarium Frame Mounts support fixture above the aquarium.
* German-made specially angled reflector maximizes light by directing it into the aquarium.
* Suspension Ports allow connection to optional cables for various mounting configurations.

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