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  • Skimmer size for 100g DT + 21.5g frag tank + 20g refugium + 40g sump

    1. I have a 100g DT, 21.5g frag tank, 20g refugium and a 40g sump (16" tall with water at 7" when operating), SPS dominated. Is Ins180 or Ins180E about right?
    2. I am still running Euroreef CS-100 that I purchased from Marine Depot in 2006. (I only had 55g DT and 24g sump back then.) I'm in the 4th year of the 2nd pump which is a EPSP2 Pump (EcoPlus 633). I would say mine is medium load right now. The skimmer still "idles" sometimes. Does that mean it still can handle the load?
    3. Is the skimmer body different between Ins180 and Ins180E? The difference between the pumps is $330 - $160 = $170 but the difference between between Ins180E and Ins180 is $300.

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    To simplify moving forward, "E" stands for "Eheim" which is the make of the pump we use on those skimmers. This is a major upgrade in quality from the standard Chinese "EcoPlus" pump and is extremely quiet as well.

    1. The 180/180E will work "well" but for an SPS dominated tank I highly suggest stepping up to a larger skimmer so that you have quicker removal of waste and I higher bio-load limit. The INS250 (No "E" version available) would be a good step up. The INS280E or the INS350/350E would be even better.

    2. Not sure why an INS100 would idle on such a system unless it isn't generating a enough air or the bio-load is really that light.

    3. See preface above. No difference is skimmer body/cup. The delta in price is due the "cost" of the Eheim is much higher than the "EcoPlus" so the mark up is much smaller.

    Let me know if I can be of further help.