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  • Bio Pellet Reactor Recirculating or Not ? ?

    Converted my old TLF phosban 150 media reactor to run Bio-Pellets last week.
    I have a I-Tech skimmer 120gallon mixed reef. Nitrates go from 15ppm to 30ppm before next water change so trying to lower them.
    I loaded reactor with about 5oz or 3/4th a cup or about 150ml(recommended amount is 12oz).
    My question is after nitrates begin to drop can I just remove some pellets to control bacteria so nitrates arent stripped completely or do I need to buy a Recirculating reactor ?

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    I wouldn't say you "need" a recirculating one, you can certainly control things by adding/removing BPs if you are ok with doing it.

    The advantage of a recirculating one (as I'm sure you know, since you mentioned it in your question) is that you can control the turbulence in the chamber independently of the flow-through rate. That just gives you another level of control.

    Can you post a pic of the tank?


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      That is the conclusion I came too that you could control amount of bacteria by just adding or removing pellets(common sense).
      Just wanted some input from experienced reefers.
      Here a short pic of my tank Im just a begginer(1yr)


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        nice clam. I like your selection of softies. I think your torches are going to grow in really nicely over there, and your frogspawns are going to get huge.

        Let me know how controlling the amount works for you over time.

        What are you using for flow and lighting on this tank?


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          Have 2 Mp10(one on side & one in back) and 1 Mp40 plus 2 returns from a Blueline T4 pump. Running a DIY 72 led(half white/blue) fixture.[IMG][/IMG]


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            what did you end up doing?