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Premium Aquatics Hot New Items 09-11-6

Posted on Friday, November 6th, 2009 at 2:04 pm by
Tropic Eden’s Aragonite just got better. Now available in packaged “LIVE” 10lb packages.
Aragavive Aragasnow, 10lb Live Sand

Aragavive Miniflakes 10lb Live Sand
Aragavive Reeflakes 10lb Live Sand
Aragavive Rubbly Reef 10lb Live Sand
NEW Larger PhosBan Reactor 550 The PhosBan Reactor 550 is designed with the upflow principle to achieve the most efficient use of PhosBan® or other chemical filter media.

Mag Float Lab’s Freshwater Additives.Extensive list from the makers of Mag-Float Magnets.

The H2O Frozen Line has become so popular we have expanded our selection. We now have 2-3 times more selection. My personal favorite is the Marine Fusion.
New Sybon Salt!
50 Gallon Mix Intro Special!
Only $10.79
Limited Time Only~Get your bag today!

Super Charge your Maxijet’s
Increase your Maxijet’s
flow to 1300-2100GPH
with this kit!!

Now 20% Off!*

Don’t forget the SureGrip Magnets to secure your Maxijet Pumps! *expires Nov 23rd.
Icecap Reef Illumination Hoods now in stock!
48″ MH/T5 Combo Hood: Only $999.99!
48″ 4x54w T5 Hood: Only $649.99!
NEW & IMPROVED Trigger System Sumps
Check out the quality and craftsmanship
in these
Crystal and Ruby sumps!
Dura Threaded Unions, sizes from 1/2 to 2″Not very exciting until you have to disconnect your plumbing.
CaribSea Live Sand now available in 10lb sizes.
NP Biopellets Solid Vodka Dosing Pellets. Due in from Germany Nov 15th.
O.S.I. line is back. Full line of marine and freshwater flakes, pellets, algae tabs, nibblers and brine shrimp eggs. Check out entire line, click HERE.


Solar 1000 LW Controller / Dimmer. Brand New. Was special order that customer cancelled. Selling way below COST.

Hydor Thermopumps. Excellent for nano tanks. You basically get a water pump and heater all-in-one. Places still sell these for 80-90 bucks each. Our price 29.95
EKIP 200  50W 90 GPH
EKIP 300  100W 125 GPH


Resun WM-015 Wave Pump only $8.99. We have WAY too many. Selling them DIRT CHEAP, must go.


Resun 15000 Controllable Wave Pump only $59.99. We have WAY too many. Selling them DIRT CHEAP, must go.

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