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Marine Depot – New this Week

Posted on Wednesday, September 16th, 2009 at 1:20 pm by
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Another batch of goodies from Marine Depot

Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper Module RKM-SL2
The RKM-SL2 is the newest System Lab module from Digital Aquatics. It’s a big leap forward with fully (and individually,) isolated ph and salinity ports. On top of that, the Digital Aquati
cs salinity probe is equipped with full digital temperature compensation built in! This make it easy to calibrate and ideal for testing a variety of tanks. Whether you’re mixing for a water change, monitoring your main system, checking up on a quarantine or frag tank the SL2 with conductivity probe will report a true and accurate value!

Digital Aquatics Salinity Probe
The Digital Aquatics conductivity probe’s new robust design allows for good water flow past the electrode and is easy to clean. The updated design will last years if properly cleaned and
cared for. Each salinity probe is equipped with the ability to provide full temperature compensation for superior monitoring over a range of applications. Click here to view Digital Aquatics’ new Salinity Probe Calibration Solution.

Kent Marine Salt Creep Eliminator 8oz
Kent Marine’s Salt Creep Eliminator is a non-toxic solution to protect your valuable equipment from rust, corrosion and other forms of
salt damage. Uses trusted Coralife formula to block corrosion and inhibitors and inhibit salt adhesion. Safe around live aquarium environments.

Kent Marine Acrylic & Glass Cleaner / Polisher 8oz
Kent Marine’s Acrylic/Glass Cleaner-Polisher is a non-toxic anti-static formula that makes your glass or acrylic aquarium sparkle
. Uses trusted Coralife formula to add a protective layer that repels water spots, fingerprints and dust. Environmentally safe and harmless to tank inhabitants.

Two Little Fishies Phosban Reactor 550
Two Little Fishies’ Phosban Reactor 150 is a staple amongst most aquarists who keep SPS corals. So much so that you often see Phosban used interchangeably with the term GFO or Granular Ferric Oxide. To meet the demand of larger tanks and reduce the
number of Phosban Reactors needed, TLF has created the Phosban 550 reactor for aquariums up to 600 gallons. It can be mounted hanging on the back of the aquarium or below the aquarium. Includes ball valve for regulating flow, and flexible connection fittings that rotate 180 degrees to allow a perfect custom fit to your installation.

Coralife Aqualight Dual Lamp High Output Fixture
Coralife Aqualight High Output T5 Fixtures provide significantly more light than conventional fluorescent systems. High Output T5 lighting is an excellent choice for saltwater, r
eef or freshwater tropical aquariums. The unit includes adjustable mounting legs, a low profile design, 10,0000K daylight and actinic blue lamps, single power cord, built-in on/off switch and acrylic splash guard. Available in 24”, 30”, 36” and 48” sizes.

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