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Marine Depot Catalog Coupons for 10/09

Posted on Sunday, October 4th, 2009 at 11:14 pm by

10% off AquaticLife PC Light Fixtures – Coupon Code AKS91633

20% off ALL Giesemann T5 Bulbs – Coupon Code GLS91134

20% off Vertex Protein Skimmers & Reactors – Coupon Code VXS91135

$10 off Phoenix DE HQI 150W or 250W 14000K Bulbs – Coupon Code MBS91136

$20 off Phoenix Mogul Base 175W or 250W 14000K Bulbs – Coupon Code MBS91237

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2 Responses to “Marine Depot Catalog Coupons for 10/09”

  1. Dan Roos says:

    California residents enter coupon code NOCALTAX and pay no sales tax!

  2. dennis malec says:

    Why are outdated coupons being published on your latest reef tools email?

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