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Wet Web Media is one of the best sources on the web for information about Marine Aquariums, Freshwater Aquariums, Brackish Aquariums, and Planted Aquariums. The website includes pages upon pages of information, covering every aspect of marine aquariums. We HIGHLY suggest that you visit the Marine Aquariums section of the website (as well as any other you might be interested in). The website owner, Bob Fenner, "is a content provider to the pet-fish (ornamental) aquatics hobby and trade, dive/travel adventure and underwater natural history genres; writing, photography and videography. Though retired since 1994, he continues to produce in this field as well as consult on aquaculture and public aquarium installations."

Please support Wet Web Media, as it is an invaluble resource to the hobby. Thank you Wet Web Media, and thank you Bob.

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