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Reefcast Episode 31: That’s Me, AIDS-free

Posted on Saturday, August 1st, 2009 at 3:47 pm by
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Here is info from episode 31 of Reefcast. To listen to this episode, visit, click on “downloads” and go to episode 31. Please make sure to download the episode to your computer and then listen to it so that you are not wasting their bandwidth.

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Vodka dosing update – Marc’s Article
Vodka picture showing yellow! – get a permanent phone number (VOIP)

Road Trip to AZ and back
Hospital stay
Waiting for surgery
My son’s gift: “3G”
Get Well Soon, right?
Real food, at last!
Picture of alcohol at Joe’s Crab Shack within mere inches of my plate.

Astroglide & Euroreef pump upgrade link
Replies on RC follow the pictures posted. 😉

Evan’s Mag 7 impellar cover damage
Battery Backup Surgery – scroll down to Feb 1, 2009
Easy Glide scraper

Picture of Pink Tabling coral from Robert

Picture of Marc’s tank with lighting described

Group Buys
GB guidelines on DFWMAS

NOOB Topic: Cleaning Crews
June 08 Reefkeeping Cover picture
Snails – link
Shrimp – link
Crabs – link
Cucumbers & Starfish – link
Urchin from El Paso (road trip)
Tiger Cowrie from my tank

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