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Posted on Tuesday, May 19th, 2009 at 1:07 am by

ora-corals-home-page is a website dedicated to specifically to ORA corals.

I love Oceans, Reef and Aquariums (ORA ) corals. I always have a tough time finding nice macros of their corals, so I thought I’d put up a site that will make it easy for others to id ORA corals. I am putting together a collection of as many of the ORA Corals, both present and past, and will post pictures as they become available. I will add both ORA Hard Corals (sps) and ORA Soft Corals species as my research continues.

If you wish to contribute your photos, please email them to Please include the name of the ORA coral you are submitting, the lighting setup (ex. 2 250 DE Ushio 14k with 2 54w actinic+ and 2 54w super actinics), as well as your name so that I can provide an appropriate credit. Please also include the camera and lens you were using as well as your tank info (size, total system volume, and any equipment you wish to share). NOTE: as a precaution, we will add a watermark to all photos not bearing one.

ORA grows their corals in a greenhouse culture facilities in Florida nd the Marshall Islands. The corals are grown under diffused sunlight and are supplemented with 250W 10K DE Metal Halide lights. Adding the artificial lights help the corals adapt to the environment provided by aquarium lighting. ORA corals are grown in natural sea water (NSW) and it is therefore recommended that proper acclimation to artificial saltwater (ASW) is performed.

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