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Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

ZEOvit has just released the latest in their Dream Tank of the Quarter Series. Yoon Yeo Kwang’s 106 gallon tank displays beautiful colors, and diversity. Check out the tank details and info below.


AQ. Information:

Dimensions(1000*700*570) – Display Tank
Dimensions sump(700*600*450) – Sump
Volume 106 US gallons


Radum250*2+T5 24W*2 profile – SEE DETAILS BELOW UNDER LIGHTING

System parameters

Alkalinity: 125
Calcium: 420 mg
pH: 7.8~8.2
Magnesium: 1400 mg
Temperature: 26
Po4 (Phosphate): 0 mg
No3 (Nitrate): generally 0 mg
Salinity: 1024 ppt PSU
Density: Kg/m^3 (@ 25°C – 77°F)
The salinity is measured with a Lamotte hydrometer & Hydrometer Jar


Filtration /Additives SEE BELOW.


Lighting Setup
Detail discription DIY lighting system with profile,Radium250*2 at center+T5 39W*2(new generration1,ati blue1 at front side)

How long / time on / off etc
(250W*2 8hours,T5 39w*2 10hours).


See photos

ZEOvit Products:

KZ Activated Cabon: 0.4L monthly)

Zeobak(3drops daily),

ZeoStart2(3drops x 2 daily)

Pohl’s Xtra(1ml daily),

AAHC(2drops x 2 weekly)

Zeozym 1 tea spoon bi weekly

B-Balance(3drops x 2 weekly)

Coral Vitalizer(3drops weekly),

Sponge Power(3drops x 2 weekly)

PIF1(3drops x 2 weekly)


Ca / KH addition: GEO612 Reactor+ARM+MG MEDIA

Reverse Osmosis: RO/DI+TDS meter

Water Circulation: RD48 Return pump

Cooling System: DBM250 chiller 26.5Degree – crossfan 26 degree

ZEOvit Reaktor: Model 7

Protein Skimmer: ATB Small Cone Skimmer


yellow tang,blue tang,flameback angel,pecula clown,fire goby,golden maroon,Rock blenny,flame hawk flame angel,bangai cardinal,green chromis,

sand sta , cleaner shimp , clam

[via ZEOvit]

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Please join us on Sat June 19, 2010 from 4:00 pm til ???? for the BRK/WAMAS Social event!!

John has been a great sponsor and supporter of the club and its members, donating to meetings and benefits. Now is our turn to come out and thank him. So come in for food, drinks, and lot of great specials, give-aways, and door prizes.

Blue Ribbon Koin and Marine
4641 Sudley Road
Catharpin, VA 20143
Phone / Fax 703-753-7566.

Food and berverages will be provided for the event. This social is an opportunity for members to share ideas, trade corals (please no open selling), and enjoy a social afternoon at BRK’s new and expanded location.

See Details in BRK Vendor Forum on


There will be a Summer Meeting Frag-event – SUNDAY, July 11 @ 1:30
Location will be:
Charles Wesley United Methodist Church’s all purpose room
6817 Dean, Dr
McLean, VA 22101

Guest speaker
– Eric Michael Sanchez from GlassBox Design
Talk: *Modern Aquarium Lighting: LEDs & More.”

Current plans include:

* Demo on how to frag several types of corals by Scott711
* RBTA cloning demo
* auction of your aquarium related equipment
* sale of your aquarium related equipment
* vendors with home grown frags
* Food, Fun and Howard

Raffle prizes


Dr. Mac. Road Trip – July 31. See forums for details


– Receipts for Raffles – A New Member Perk… … and incentive to shop with our sponsors! Remember to save those receipts and to help support our sponsors as they support us!

The Officers

Please support the following vendors who sponsor WAMAS. You can find their website address by visiting their forum or the sponsor page on the WAMAS website

– Air, Water & Ice
– Avast Marine Works
– Blue Ribbon Koi
– Dr. Mac’s Pacific East Aquaculture
– Fins & Feathers
– The Marine Scene
– Mr. Coral
– Reef eScape

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

FilterEez is an ion exchange filter medium for use in all types of fresh water, marine and reef aquariums. FilterEez, by Aqua Horizon, removes dissolved organic waste by the ion exchange process. It also filters out phosphates (PO4) and silicates (SIO2) with the use of ferric oxide resin. By using only high quality ingredients, FilterEez is able to provide the following benefits:

Keeps your pH stable and constant.
Reduces fish loss due to pH changes or polluted water.
Keeps aquariums crystal clear.
Fish will have positive neurological reactions, mimicking a natural environment
Filters out phosphates (PO4) and silicates (SIO2).
Reduces nuisance algae.
Removes dissolved organics.
Helps fish have a better appetite.
Osmotic shock is eliminated.
Fish lifespan is increased.
Filters out copper metal, odors and phenol.
Prevents ion antagonism.
Last up to 4 months.
Several filter sizes are available

Directions: Rinse FilterEez with filtered water, then place into your filtration system where carbon or chemical filtration is required. Make sure FilterEez is flat in your filtration system, fill any gaps with filter floss. FilterEez is specially formulated, it is not intended to be divided.

1. What is FilterEez
FilterEez is an ion exchange filter medium for use in all types of fresh water, marine and reef aquariums.

2. What makes FilterEez better than other similar products?
Quality control-
We follow strict quality control guidelines at our manufacturing facility. A dedicated clean room allows us to minimize product exposure to air, allowing for less cross contamination.

3. What are the benefits of using FilterEez?
FilterEez was designed and manufactured with the latest technologies available. FilterEez is without a doubt the best all around filter media for all types of aquatic environments. FilterEez is very economical, simple to use and provides problem free filter operation.

4. Fish will love FilterEez.
FilterEez will provide a natural balance to your aquarium by means of ion exchange. By introducing a negative ion affect, FilterEez will help to establish clean and well balanced water allowing your fish to live a long and stress free life.

5. Corals and plants will love FilterEez.
FilterEez will also help all types of plants and corals in your aquarium. By keeping the water pH stable and filtering out toxins, your corals will not only survive they will thrive.

6. Using FilterEez.
Using FilterEez your aquarium will be simpler and easier to maintain by reducing the number regular cleanings.

7. FilterEez will help you be better aquarist.
FilterEez will help you enjoy your aquarium like never before! Your water will be crystal clear, more stable, cleaner and all around well balanced. Your fish will live longer and look better!
Save time, save money, enjoy your hobby.
You will be able to enjoy your aquariums instead of spending time cleaning them.

8. FilterEez reduces your algae.
FilterEez removes phosphates from the aquarium reducing your problem algae’s.

9. FilterEez is one of the simplest filter media to use.
Simply rinse FilterEz with clean water and place into your specified chemical filtration system. (carbon)

Friday, June 11th, 2010

When Dick de Bruin, a Dutchman, dropped his camera while scuba diving in Arube, he figured it was lost forever. Well, believe it or not, a sea turtle happened to pick the camera up, turn it on, and film part of its thousand mile journey. The camera was retrieved in Florida by US Coast Guard officer Paul Shultz, who put a video up on YouTube, and eventually got the word back to de Bruin.

I found a camera and Ikelite waterproof housing washed ashore in Key West, FL. Pictures indicate it floated all the way from Aruba over a period of 6 months. Half way through the journey, this sea turtle came across it and tried to eat it, turning the camera on and recording himself. The owner has been located in Aruba and confirmed he lost it while diving off Aruba in November, 2009. The camera washed ashore in Key West on May 16, 2010 covered in growth.

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Shortly after releasing their newly popular Phosphate Checker, Hanna Instruments are back for more. Hanna Instruments’ President has confirmed that the company is in the final stages of completing an expansion of the Hanna Checker family of products. The new line will include a Hanna Alkalinity Checker, Calcium Checker and Nitrate Checker. Hanna Instruments is focused on staying connected with their costumers and responding to feedback. The company is set on making these new Checkers available in July, and promises that there is STILL more to come.

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

ORA is now offering an Aquacultured Blue Cespitularia. This unique veriety of Blue Cespitularia has a turquoise body that literally sparkles, and peachy-orange polyps. This beautiful variety is different from the African variety marked by a darker blue and purple coloration. The ORA Blue Cespitularia is much brighter and is very easy to care for. Sometimes referred to as “Blue Xenia”, is a beautiful soft coral, that will add a unique look to any tank. It’s hard to beat the color and movement of this coral. Blue Cespitularia will adapt quite well to different lighting conditions, but the most intense coloration was noticed when this coral was under lower light levels. Start this coral at the bottom of your tank, and gradually move it up to it’s final destination. Best results with the Blue Cespitularia from ORA were experienced under moderate to high current. This coral will spread by sending out a “foot-like” projection which attaches to nearby rocks or solid surfaces.

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

ORA has just introduced their latest variety, the ORA Black Ice Semi-Snowflake (Amphiprion ocellaris). The Black Ice Semi-snowflake is the result of ORA crossing a Black Ocellaris with a Snowflake. Their initial goal was to design a Black Snowflake, but instead the result was an orange clownfish, with intense black markings. The ORA Black Ice Semi-snowflake clownfish have yellow-orange bodies with an irregular white zig-zag in their mid-section. The thick black outlines, so rounding these markings, really make the colors of the Black Ice Semi-snowflake pop.

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Photos by Agsftw

As shark populations around the world decline, conservationist are concerned that Asian chefs may look for Manta and Devil Rays as replacement for the popular shark fin soup. Since rays swim slowly and near the surface, they make for easy targets to the fishermen that hunt them using harpoons. At this point, the number of rays being fished is relatively low, but this could shortly change.

Marine biologist Tim Clark of the University of Hawaii says “Mantas and mobulas are being used as shark fin soup filler” in cheap versions of the popular soup.

Ray are believed to live for over 50 years, and only reach maturity in their teens. Even at that, they only produce 1 pup every 1 to three years. Coupled with how easy they are to hunt, ray are a perfect target for overfishing. In addition to becoming a shark replacement, ray gills are being used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to reduce toxins and purify the blood.

As the market for shark fin soups is consistently growing, the shark population is declining; reportedly by 80% over the past 15 years.

[via times online uk, Tal Sweet]

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Here’s a great video of a 250 gallon reef system comprised of a 150 gallon display tank, a 50 gallon refugium, and a 50 gallon sump. This system is the result of an upgraded from a previous 75 gallons reef tank. The 50 gallon refugium is home to a beautiful mantis shrimp. Located at the bottom of a staircase, the beautiful display tank is home to a variety of tangs, wrasses, chromis, clownfish, sps corals, lps corals, zoanthids, mushrooms, and many other interesting little critters. Check out the diamond watchman goby feeding as it siffs through the sand. Several clams are beautiful as well as helpful in improving water quality. Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

The Swabbie is a motorized protein skimmer neck cleaner from Avast. This little gizmo will keep your skimmer running at peak efficiency, and save you the hassle of having to perform this act yourself. You can plug the Swabbie into a timer, or aquarium controller of your choice, and set it to run 4-6 times a day (a few minutes each time). This will prevent buildup from forming on the neck altogether. At this time, there are 6″ and an 8″ models available. Made of heavy duty acrylic, the Swabbie uses a single pivot point wiper, which allows it to clean conical skimmer necks as well. The introductory price is $134.99.

Technical Data:
Fits 6″/150mm/160mm or 8″/200mm collection cups
Both 6″ and 8″ models are adjustable for 3″-4.5″ diameter necks
Timer or aquarium controller not included
Power consumption: AC 120v 3w
Height: 2″ above normal skimmer lid
Warranty: 1 year

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