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Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

It was only a matter of time before a lighting manufacture brought LEDs to the freshwater aquarium scene. Kessil has released a LED pendant light that is design to mimic the “Amazon Sun” producing light at a natural 6700K. The light is design to nourish plants and fish while illuminating the aquarium. The Amazon Sun 150W draws 36W or power using an innovative heat management system. In the patented Dense Matrix LED™ platform, Kessil mixes light of different wavelengths to produce intense, powerful, and spectrum-specific light that is delivered with precision.

Kessil Lighting is known for excellent design and manufacturing of lighting for both the aquarium and the horticulture industries. “Kessil’s engineering team perfected a special LED phosphor recipe to illuminate and enhance plant growth and color in your freshwater aquarium,” said Brian Chiang, Vice President of Marketing. “Amazon Sun simulates a bright, sunny day. It’s the ideal color temperature for freshwater tanks.”

It is important to note that the 6700k color temperature is for reference only, and is not a direct measurement of CCT. To find more information and retailers near you, visit

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Orphek was contracted by an unspecified government marine research institution to design a variation of the DIF100XP. The amount of LEDs covering a broad range of color spectrums makes me vary curious of its final intended use and what type of research it is being used for.

In a nut shell the PR25XP consist of the following:

4 white 15K
2 true UV begin at 380nm
1 red 660nm
5 blue
Peak WL:Lp=455.0nm

Some of the data I received suggest that the 4 white LEDs are actually 20K. The ratio is:

60% 20K white led
30% 380nm-420nm
10% red a 640nm

I was able to get a glimpse of a portion of the research. It is unclear to me exactly what its intent is and what it means. I’ll share it with you to make of it what you will.

Color Organism nm Indent.


443 and 470
445 and 475
445 and 475
450 and 480

a carotene
a carotene
a carotene
b carotene


453 and 643
453 and 643
455 and 643

chlorophyll b
bright yellow


414 and 437 and 464
416 440 468

Pink orange


462 456 481



449 470

pale yellow


415 439 468



446 476

pink orange


449 450 477
trace only

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Ever wonder just what goes into the product design and build on one of the most important components in your reef tank? Well, Jeff from Reef Dynamics takes us through the entire process of building Twin INS1000 Protein Skimmers. The INS1000 is a unique in-sump recirculating protein skimmer. It uses 4 pumps, 2 for feeding the skimmer, and 2 for recirculating the water within the reaction chamber.

This video shows all the part of the INS1000, and Jeff walks us through each part of the design. We get a quick glimpse of the important transition piece, as well as the JamLock. Can’t wait to see the next part as this large protein skimmer comes to life. Check out more info about the INS1000 on the Reef Dynamics website.

Monday, February 13th, 2012

The Reef Octopus Q8 protein skimmer was created for aquatic wholesale operations, commercial farms, professional aquaculturist as well public aquariums. It was rightfully described as a “recirculating beast” on Coral Vue’s web site. The Q8 stands over 5 feet tall and has a 40 inch body recommended for aquariums up to 26,000 gallons. Its 6 Bubble Blaster 10,000 high air injected pinwheel pumps pull air up to 28800L/H (1008scfh). The recommended feed pump is 9,000-10,000 gph.

Height: 63″
Body: 40″
Outlet: 90mm
Feed line: 3 X 40mm inlets (1.25″ conversion)
Recirculation pumps: Bubble Blaster HY10000 X 6
Wattage: 1320w
Max air intake: 28800L/H (1008scfh)

Recommended feed pump: HY-12500w x 3
Feed Flow: 9,000-10,000GPH
Wattage: 510w

Monday, February 13th, 2012

A few weeks ago we wrote about the release of the Vertex Simplex, Duplex and Sensor Mag. We recently had a chance to play around with these new products, and just wanted to show them to you. Overall we really like the design of all three products. The Simplex and Duplex are great for small tanks, and are virtually invisible.

The Vertex Sensor Mag is a very cool little product. It’s very simple, but really helps clean up things in your sump and/or tank (depending on where you have your probes). As you see in the video, the Sensor Mag can hold up to three probes, and with the help of titanium screws, will keep them nice and neat for you.

Don’t forget to checkout and subscribe to the ReefTools YouTube Channel.

Macro of Vertex Duplex

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Just in case you missed it, here is a summery of last week’s most popular Reef News.

  1. “Supergiant” Amphipod Discovered
  2. Every Reef Needs Cucumber Poop
  3. Orphek PR-156 LED Lighting
  4. The Next Generation in Pendant LED Lights – Orphek DIP Pendant Series
  5. Reef Octopus Luxury Aquariums and Stands
Friday, February 10th, 2012

If you haven’t picked up your Coral Reef Life Wall Calendar for 2012, step it up! We are all familiar with the incredible photography displayed in Coral Magazine and you can expect northing less from their calendar. Prices start at $10.95 and for a limited time if you purchase 2 calendars they are $8 each with free shipping. You’ve missed the 31 days of enjoying January don’t miss any more of February.

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Friday, February 10th, 2012

Premium Aquatics: Red Sea AquaZone Basic 50 Mg. Regular price $179.99, now only $159.99.
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Marine Depot: 20% off Eheim Aquastyle Aquarium.
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Bulk Reef Supply: 10% OFF Lignite carbon.
Foster and Smith Aquatics: BioCube Algae Cleaning Magnet. Now only $5.99.
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SeaQuest Marine: 48″ Giesemann Infiniti Light Fixture (2) 250W HQI + (4) 54W T5. List price $2045.99, now only $1648.88!
Aquarium Guys: Fluval Chi Glass Aquarium Kit – 5 gallon. Regular price $71.99, now only $55.09!
Big Als Online: Koralia Evolution – 750. Regular price, $39.99, now only $30.99.

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Livestock: Joleen’s Red Aussie Table

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Riding the wave of rimless, low-iron glass aquariums popularity, Reef Octopus has decided to join the game. Their new line of aquariums are designed to become “the center of attraction in your home.” The low-iron glass is accented by black ShineEust glue joints and a unique and small overflow system. The sleek stands are made of MDF, and E1 grade environmentally-friendly material, and should take about a half an hour to assemble.

Currently, there are two models of Luxury Aquariums and Stands from Reef Octopus, the LUX-T60, 32 Gallon Luxury Aquarium (23.6″ x 17.7″ x 17.7″) and the LUX-T90, 48 Gallon Luxury Aquarium (35.4″ x 17.7″ x 17.7″). Both are offered with an optional sump. Below is the information directly from the CoralVue website.


Luxurious Reef Octopus Aquarium systems can easily become the center of attraction in your home.  These well made show tanks features stunningly clear low iron glass, sleak black ShinEust glue joints and all quality build to be dependable.  Pre Drilled hole on the bottom of the tank to for the use of the Black tube Water Flow system.The stand/cabinet is made of MDF( Medium Density Fiberboard), an E1 grade environmentally friendly material. Very easy to be assembled and will only take about a half an hour. Just follow the manual for assembly!

Reef Octopus Luxury Reef Octopus Luxury Stand
T-60 Reef Octopus 32 Gallon Luxury Aquarium & Stand
Item #: LUX-T60
T-60 / 32 Gallon Luxury Aquarium
Dim: 23.6″ x 17.7″ x 17.7″
Item #: LUX-ST60
ST-60 Aquarium Stand/Cabinet
Dim: 23.6″ x 17.7″ x 39.3″
Item #: OCT-RS80
Reef Octopus Small 80 Sump
Dim: 18.75″x12″x16″
A good reef sump is very important to an Aquarium system, many devices are set up in it, and it also enlarge the amount of water in the system, makes the system much stable. There also have several parts with the sumps, FB-200 filter bag hang on devices and a Multi-purpose probe fixation device. They will help a lot on fixing the overflow pipe and probe like PH probe.Adjustable Sump Baffle
T-90 Reef Octopus 48 Gallon Luxury Aquarium & Stand
Item #: LUX-T90
T-90 / 48 Gallon Luxury Aquarium
Dim: 35.4″ x 17.7″ x 17.7″
Item #: LUX-ST90
ST-90 Aquarium Stand/Cabinet
Dim: 35.4″ x 17.7″ x 39.3″
Item #: LUX-RX40
BX-40 Black tube overflow system
Reef Octopus Black tube Overflow System Reef Octopus black tube overflow box is designed to make it easy to set up an
aquariums’ water returning system.
This system uses a bulkhead that have been drilled two holes, to install the
returning pipe and another for the water over flow to the sump.
It also contain a special parts which contain 2 GJ pipe interfaces, it is very
useful when added a calcium reactor or adjust a new finish to the tank.
All the pipes are hided in the translucent black and brown acrylic tube, makes
the inner of the tank much succinct and have more space to put reefs.
It is also silent, we added a small silencer on the overflow pipe.
A smart silencer, reduce the noise of the water drop.
Water finally fallen to the sump through the bellow, makes this
system much silent.
A bulkhead with two holes on the same plate is the key of this
system, water up and down to the tank is hidden in the same
black tube.
Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Photo Credit: Avinoam Swissa

Orphek has broken through the ceiling of complexity with their new DIP XP series. They have developed a true LED replacement for metal halide lights. Orphek’s research and development team was tasked with the problem of low lumens per watt when using blue LEDs. Orphek is about to release the first daylight multichip LED pendant available in 16K, 18K 20K and 25K color temperatures with out the use of blue LEDs.

The DIP Pendant Series will be available in combinations suitable for all sizes of aquariums. Utilizing 100 watt, 50 watt and 30 watt fixtures combined with four varying choices in lenses; 45 degree, 60 degree, 90 degree and 120 degree. The wattage and lens combination makes these LED pendants suitable for shallow aquariums in the 24” range to very deep aquariums maxing out at 72”. Yes, you read that correctly, 6 feet deep!

Orphek DIF-100 Reef aquarium LED lighting

DIF-100 – fixture replaces a 400w fixture.
DIF-50 – fixture replaces a 250w fixture.
DIF-30 – fixture replaces a 150w fixture.

It’s easy to change between 45,60,90 and 120 degree lens.

Orphek DIF-100 LED Reef Aquarium LED lighting

Spectrographs and Photometrics:

DIF 100/50/30 appear similar to a 18000k halide bulb.

DIF 100/30 white/red appear similar to a 16000k halide bulb

DIF50 B+UV Royal Blue +UV (provides incredible color enhancement and fluorescence! DIF100/50/30)

The versatility of changing the lens, coupled with the various color options make the DIP XP series from Orphek a very nice choice for anyone looking at this type of LED aquarium lighting.

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