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NeoMarine Kalibrate salt premix from Brightwell Aquatics

Posted on Thursday, March 18th, 2010 at 7:09 pm

NeoMarine Kalibrate is Brightwell Aquatics‘ answer to a simple problem. The main component in saltwater mixes is NaCl, which is relatively easily obtained in bulk quantities. So the folks at Brightwell Aquatics decided to simply leave it out of their mix, and provide you with the additional minerals necessary to achieve a close match to natural sea water. This new product is called NeoMarine Kalibrate, which is targeted at users who “prefer to utilize the most concentrated forms of supplements possible.”

According to Brightwell Aquatics, “you supply the sodium chloride, we supply the rest.” The advantage of this approach, is that each hobbyist can determine the ratio of NeoMarine Kalibrate to NaCl they wish to use, and therefore control the levels of Calcium, Magnesium and Alkalinity. This allows the hobbyist to adjust these levels to better match the draw on their system. Naturally, hobbyists running a full fledged SPS system, will choose to use more NeoMarine Kalibrate than those who run a fish-only system.
This salt premix will be available in 5 gallon pail and a drum, which are enough to product 450 and 6000 gallons at 1.025.

For those tanks whose demand exceeds what is provided by waterchanges, Brightwell Aquatics also offers Reef Code A & B in powdered forms.

[via Coral Magazine]

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