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Reefcast Episode 32: Marc Loves Crack!

Posted on Tuesday, September 1st, 2009 at 7:15 pm

Here is info from episode 31 of Reefcast. To listen to this episode, visit, click on “downloads” and go to episode 32. Please make sure to download the episode to your computer and then listen to it so that you are not wasting their bandwidth each time you listen.

Ok, I was cracking up during the “intro” Evan put together. “Marc, you’re on crack” was the clear winner. The show begins with some random banter, as usual, and then flows right into “fish of the week”. Now, I bust out laughing every time the “fish of the week” intro is played. The funny part is, that I know it’s coming, I think to myself “don’t laugh”, yet the last “fish of the week” gets me every time.

Fish of the Week – Leopard Wrasse
The Leopard Wrasse has two distinct appearances depending on gender. The female Leopard Wrasse are white with irregular brown or black markings, with white to blue margins. The male Leopard Wrasse have an rust color body with bluish green markings. Like other wrasses, the leopard wrasse will eat various small invertebrates the live in the substrate and on the live rock.
Live Aquaria
Wet Web Media

Marc Goes to Boston
Boston Reefers Society
Boston Reefers Competiton
Ecotech MP10
Boston Wiki

Evan’s New Tank
Marc and Evan discuss Evan’s new 12 Gallon Nano Cube, as well as nanos and All In One (AIO) tanks in general. One feature in particular they liked is tanks that have only one plug that powers the whole system. Although this feature is convenient, there was an issue with the inability to add timers to each component (powerheads, lights, etc).
JBJ 12G Nano Cube Deluxe
Roy’s List of Stomatopods

New Premium Maxi Jet Utility Pumps
These New high-efficiency, flow adjustable Marine Series are engineered to handle the capacities of our new Deep Dimension* Corner-Flo™ Aquariums and our new High-Capacity Acrylic Sump Filtration Systems.  These are not the “Maxi Jets your parents told you about”, they are fully submersible and are very well built.  Naturally, you may use these with other brands of aquariums and sumps. Model are available ranging from 106 to 1385 GPH. Marc had received a pump from a LFS and was very pleased with it’s performance.
1st set from MD
2nd set from MD

More Disasters in the Hobby and How can we prepare
Marc and Evan go through some important steps we should all take in preparation for a reef emergency.  This particular segment was discussing a leak.
This particular Sealant is reef-proof and can be used underwater and would be a worthwhile investment. It is not intended to be aesthetically pleasing, but rather to solve a problem quickly and efficiently.

Randy Holmes-Farley Post
A local club member had a Kalkwasser overdose in his tank which shot their pH up to 9.8. In response to this condition, your only goal is to lower the pH. Don’t waste time doing waterchanges, etc. Here is a link to the article in ReefKeeping Magazine.

Emergency list
Phone Numbers of People you can trust

Advanced Topic – Natural Lighting via Solar Tubes
Solar Tubes redirect natural sunlight through a skylight directly into the home. There are several Several hobbyists are now using this setup to light reef tanks. Like in nature, there will be variability in the amount of light your tank gets, which may or may not work depending on your location. Supplemental lighting will be required to achieve the desired color temperature.  Reduced lighting cost increase the appeal for this time of setup, providing that they eventually offset the installation cost for the Solar Tube. 
Solar Tube Website

Rod’s Gyre flow thread – Naturally lit sps tank
Gone Solar Too
Another Gone Solar
Tank Electric Calculator
MACNA XXI – Atlantic City

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