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Circulation Pumps released by Aqueon

Posted on Sunday, February 28th, 2010 at 5:44 pm by

Aqueon has released a line of powerheads called simply Aqueon Circulation Pumps. These pumps attempt to “natural river and reef currents by continuously circulating water.” Well, isn’t this what all powerheads do? Well, this new line of pumps from Aqueon incorporates an easy-lock suction cup, which makes installation, adjustment and removal a breeze. Cord-holding clips are available on both sides, which allows for more flexibility with placement. An energy-efficient motor and impeller are said to increase water movement with less power.

Our first question regards the suction cup. We’ve grown accustomed to seeing magnets, and have grown to trust them as the best mounting options. Only time will tell whether these will hold up to the test of time. The Aqueon Circulation Pumps offer a great value and will certainly hopefully become another great choice for reef hobbyists.

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2 Responses to “Circulation Pumps released by Aqueon”

  1. bychance says:

    Anyone with a sandbed has grown to love the magnets. They have a hard sell with suction cups.

  2. SeansReef says:

    With the coraline and algae build up in a Reef, suction cups dont seem to stick. Magnets are more reliable

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