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Vertex Comes Out With a Magnetic Probe Holder and Two Magnetic Cleaners

Posted on Wednesday, January 25th, 2012 at 2:32 pm by

Vertex has just come out with three new products, a magnetic probe holder, and two magnetic cleaners.

The Sensor-Mag Titanium is a 3 probe holder, utilizing a total of 6 magnets to keep the probes (or sensors) in place. The probes are held in place with through 13mm holes, using Titanium screw fasteners. This little gizmo makes it very easy to place probes wherever it is most convenience, move them around if needed, and of course remove them for cleaning.

Dimensions inside piece:
Length (X): 68mm/ 2.7”
Height (H): 20mm/ 0.79”
Width (w): 20mm/ 0.79”

Dimensions outside piece:
Length (X): 68mm/ 2.7”
Height (H): 20mm/ 0.79”
Width (w): 26mm/ 1”

The Vertex Simplex is a small, sleek circular magnetic glass cleaner. The outside of this Acrylic glass cleaner is a low-profile acrylic cylinder, while the inside piece is square, to allow the hobbyists to get algae out of those pesky corners and edges. This magnetic algae cleaner uses a white satin fabric to prevent scratching of the aquarium, while a coarse white fabric is used to clean the inside of the glass. The Vertex Simplex can be used on aquariums with glass thickness up to 6mm.

Dimensions inside piece:
Radius (R): 28mm/ 1.1”
Height (Z): 14mm/ 0.55”

Dimensions outside piece:
Length (X): 19mm/ 0.75”
Height (Z): 8mm/ 0.31”
Width (Y): 19mm/ 0.75”

The big brother of the Simplex is the Vertex Duplex. This algae cleaner uses rectangular pieces for both the inside and outside parts. Again, a smooth white satin fabric is used on the outside, and a coarse white fabric on the inside. The Vertex Duplex can be used to clean algae on aquariums measuring up to 8mm in glass thickness.

Dimensions inside piece
Length (X): 42mm/ 1.65”
Height (Z): 22mm/ 0.86”
Width (Y): 9mm/ 0.35”

Dimensions outside piece:
Length (X): 42mm/ 2.7”
Height (Z): 22mm/ 0.86”
Width (Y): 14mm/ 0.55”

Here is a shot comparing the two magnetic algae cleaners side-by-side:

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One Response to “Vertex Comes Out With a Magnetic Probe Holder and Two Magnetic Cleaners”

  1. SamR says:

    I wonder if those cleaner magnets are going to be strong enough to clean the glass. They also seem kinda small, and like it would take forever to clean the glass. I’ll wait for some hobbyist input.

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