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High voltage lighting, and various submersible pumps and powerheads will often raise the water temperature in a reef tank above what is advisable. Chillers are a great option when water temperatures tend to be very high. There are two types of aquarium chillers, in-line and drop-in. As water is pumped into the an in-line aquarium chiller, it is cooled by the internal cooling coils and then return to either the tank or the sump. A major pro of an in-line aquarium chiller is that it can be located away from the tank. Drop-in aquarium chillers, on the other hand, have an external cooling coil which can be placed in a sump. Although they do have to be places near the tank (or rather, sump), drop-in chillers do not require any plumbing.

Current USA Prime Inline Chiller

Posted on Sunday, May 31st, 2009 at 8:05 pm

Model 2645, 2635 & 2646

One Size Fits All

Sleek and quiet, these new Prime Inline water chillers feature higher BTU compressors and a larger condenser that allows higher air flow and more efficient cooling. The slender shape and small footprint of the Prime Tower chiller allows them to fit under almost any size aquarium and preserves precious space.

Cooler By Design

Squeezed under the housing is a high BTU Matsushita compressor and fan that efficiently chills water while keeping silence a virtue. The black molded housing blends well into any decor. Recessed handles make moving and lifting easy.

The Titanium Edge

Corrosion resistant titanium heat exchanger backed by a lifetime warranty offers the peace of mind you’ve always wanted. The custom molded evaporator is completely insulated and is configured to provide maximum exposure to the titanium coil – simplicity at its best.

Integrated Thermostat

Digital dual stage controller on 1/15-1/2 hp units automatically controls the water chiller and rear-mounted heater port (heater not included.) Simple keypad programming display with constant temperature readout accurate to +/-1°F.

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