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Aquastyle Nanos Getting Eheim Into the Nano World

Posted on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011 at 10:25 am by
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Looks like Eheim is jumping into the very popular nano world with the Aquastyle Nanos. With the current versions, Eheim says this tank is is only suitable as a planted tank, but with a simple light mod, you can easily set it up as a reef nano. You will find, however, several videos of this tank being used as a reef tank with very low-light corals (mushrooms, etc).

High quality float glass, rimless design, powerful 4W corner internal filter (which comes completely equipped with filter cartridge and SUBSTRApro) and a fully adjustable wireless light track, are just some of the features we like about this line of nanos. The tanks currently come with an efficient 7W LED light with a 20,000 hours of lifetime.

Additionally, a matching cabinet would offer a stable platform, as well as a storage option for any accessories you may have.

Here is a video of the Eheim Aquastyle Filter Flow:

One more nice one with guppys:

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