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Choosing the right aquarium for you, is at the core of every new reef project. Material, Shape, location, and size all play as factors in this decision.

Red Sea Max S-Series All-in-one Aquarium System

Posted on Thursday, January 12th, 2012 at 12:23 pm

Red Sea is introducing their new Red Sea Max S-Series range of aquariums. This innovative plug & play all in one aquarium system is designed for hobbyists who would rather focus on livestock than selecting equipment. The new S-Series from Red Sea includes ultra-clear, low-iron glass, T5 lighting, filtration and flow in one system.

The complete S-Series is comprised of the Max S-400 (about 110 gallon total system, 97 gallon display), Max S-500 (gallon total system, 119 gallon display) and the Max S-650 (175 gallon system, 150 gallon display). Now, it’s easier than ever to select the Red Sea Max that best fits your needs. Each model comes in one of six colors (Black, Anthracite, Pearl, Ultra Marine – Metalic, Merlot – Metalic, Silver – Metalic), featuring a weather resistant polyurethene paint.

The S-Series aquariums, are constructed from 12 – 15mm ultra clear (low iron) glass, with a marine spec annodized aluminum frame. A neat feature available on this system, is the ability to change the top and bottom frame color at any time (in case you get sick of the color you selected).

The Red Sea Max S-series feature a slide and swivel lighting system consisting of 3 groups of lamps. The front and back panels have 4 x T5 bulbs (39W, 54W or 80W depending on model) each, and the center panel has 2 more T5s. The front and back panels hinge to allow access to the aquarium for maintenance and feedings.

The S-Series has a coast-to-coast overflow, which really helps with surface skimming. The water then goes through a silent flow downpipe to the custom sump, where it is filtered through a Red Sea C-Skim 1800 protein skimmer (and optional reactors and/or chiller). Flow to the system is provided by a series of concealed powerheards. There are standard union fittings connecting the pluming, so no wiring or plumbing is needed.

One of the best features of the Red Sea Max is that the entire system is powered by an Integrated Power Center. Meaning, there is ONE PLUG which controls 10 individually controlled power sockets for pumps, and other accessories. Red Sea even went as far as to integrated circuit breakers.

Overall, we really like the steps Red Sea is making with their range of all-in-one aquarium systems. It seems that with every new release, they are responding to the suggestions they get, and are improving the design. Please let us know what you think of the new S-Series.

Aquastyle Nanos Getting Eheim Into the Nano World

Posted on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011 at 10:25 am

Looks like Eheim is jumping into the very popular nano world with the Aquastyle Nanos. With the current versions, Eheim says this tank is is only suitable as a planted tank, but with a simple light mod, you can easily set it up as a reef nano. You will find, however, several videos of this tank being used as a reef tank with very low-light corals (mushrooms, etc).

High quality float glass, rimless design, powerful 4W corner internal filter (which comes completely equipped with filter cartridge and SUBSTRApro) and a fully adjustable wireless light track, are just some of the features we like about this line of nanos. The tanks currently come with an efficient 7W LED light with a 20,000 hours of lifetime.

Additionally, a matching cabinet would offer a stable platform, as well as a storage option for any accessories you may have.

Here is a video of the Eheim Aquastyle Filter Flow:

One more nice one with guppys:

EcoPico Desktop Aquarium by Ecoxotic

Posted on Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 at 11:00 am

Many hobbyists invest in the large, elaborate, extensive systems we are used to seeing on the web. Well, every wanted something unique, small, low maintenance, and is absolutely bitchin’? Well, the Ecoxotic EcoPico desktop aquarium may be just what you’re looking for. The EcoPico is an elegant, rimless glass cube, with no bulky filter, no plastic frame, and includes nothing that would take away from it’s aesthetic brilliance.

In line with the minimalistic approach, Ecoxotic used an ultra-thin, sleek LED lighting arm. A perfect blend of blue and white LEDs cast a beautiful light, and brilliant shimmer, while consuming a minimal amount of electricity. The 6mm glass rimless EcoPico includes an internal filter with pump, beveled glass top with mounting clips and LED lighting arm with 12k/blue LEDs. A lighting upgrade is available with the addition of a 4-way splitter (independent control can be accomplished with the use of a 12V power supply).

28G Nano Cube LED

Posted on Monday, October 5th, 2009 at 5:43 pm

The 28G Nano Cube LED model is the latest release by JBJ. Part of the popular Nano Cube Series, the 28g Nano Cube LED employs a high intensity LED illumination system which delivers both the power of Metal Halides and the coverage of T5 lighting. The distinct advantages of the LED model is 10x the light bulb lifespan, lower energy consumption, and cool running.

28G JBJ Nano Cube LED – a closer look

LED Illumination
The high-intensity LED lighting used by JBJ in this nano tank, offers increased PAR while using less energy. The new canopy offers a complete 24 hour light cycle with:

  • Daylight – 25 x 3 Watt – 14K
  • Dawn/Dusk – 4 x 3 Watt – Actinic/466nm
  • Moon – 2 x 1 Watt – Nite-Vu/456nm



Sick of buying new bulbs? How about once every 10 years!! The 89 watt LED system in this 28g Nano Cube outputs PAR comparable to that of the 150W HQI – 14K model, while consuming approximately 40% less energy. LEDs radiate heat upwards, rather then downwards, and therefore reduce heat transfer and the all-to-common need for a chiller. To ensure cool running (Not the movie!) JBJ employed an aluminum heat sink, which quickly dissipates the heat put out by the LEDs. 4 cooling fans are turned on in unison with the lighting, and a thermal protector has been added with an auto shut off feature, in case the fans fail.



A common modification of the all-in-one nano tanks is the implementation of a refugium. JBJ makes everything easy as pie by providing a dedicated chamber for macro algae, alongside the activated carbon and sponge. The sponge helps prevent the algae from reaching and clogging the return pump.



The redesigned Ocean Pulse Duo now uses a memory chip to ensure consistent performance, even after a power failure. The Ocean Pulse Duo provides variable flow. Increments can be set anywhere between 10 seconds to 6 minutes in alternating cycles.

Product Name: 28g Nano Cube – LED
Item No: MT-601-LED
Tank Volume: 28 gallons
Glass Thickness: 6mm
Accela Pumps: (2) x 266 gph / 16 Watt
Cooling Fans: (4) 3000 rpm / Ball Bearing Type
Tank Dims: 18” x 22” x22” high
Optional Stand: 18” x 22” x 32” high
Lighting Type: Light Emitting Diode
Thermally Protected
Warranty: 1 Year

Current USA Cardiff Aquarium System

Posted on Monday, August 31st, 2009 at 5:46 pm

A Decidedly Different Look

Create the ultimate conversation piece. Designed with professionally beveled glass, the unique shape is bent to enhance the view from all angles and creates an eye-catching addition to your home or office. A completely hidden filtration system makes keeping fish easy – and keeps your critters and family happy.

Cardiff Features:

  • A complete filtration system – just add water
  • Frameless bullet shaped design with beveled glass edges

Conveniently hidden filtration system including:

  • Intake venturi protein skimmer
  • Surface-skimming overflow
  • Built in freshwater top-off system
  • Biological, mechanical and chemical filtration
  • Dedicated heater section with constant level water flow
  • Flexible return nozzle with dual outlets
  • Removable beveled glass top

Stand Features:

Bring stylish design and elegance into your home with furniture quality stands. Each stand is completely assembled and available in three professional finishes that protect the stand from the aquatic elements.

The New Marine Series from Marineland

Posted on Monday, June 1st, 2009 at 7:50 am

With the debut of an unprecedented series of aquarium equipment, dramatic new opportunities now unfold for you to create your ultimate aquatic showcase. The flagship of the Marine Series is a range of Deep Dimension Corner-Flo™ Aquariums, each 36 inches from front to back—the largest production tanks ever, available with high-definition Starphire® glass. You can select any Marine Series component by itself or choose a complete, matching reef-type system.

Deep Dimension Corner-Flo™ Aquariums

  • The largest production aquariums available: 36 inches from front to back, 27 inches high and either 3, 4, 5 or 6 feet long
  • Corner-Flo filtration technology
  • Available in Starphire® Ultra-Clear Glass

Two Size-Matched Stands & Canopies

  • Stylish, easy access, high-capacity design
  • Available in two distinctly different styles with different finish options
  • Designed to work with many different components
  • Generous under-tank areas for filter systems and supplies, and for easy, convenient maintenance.

Three High-Capacity Acrylic Sump Filtration Systems

  • The ultimate in big tank filtration solutions
  • Three front loading media trays
  • Patented high-capacity BIO-Wheel® included

Four Premium Utility Pumps

  • Seven compact, flow adjustable models: 100–1400 GPH
  • Design provides maximum flow while energy efficient
  • Submersible or external placement
  • Thermally protected and UL listed

Five Advanced In-Sump Protein Skimmers

  • 100 and 300 gallon models—world’s smallest footprints
  • No unsightly external pipes, hoses or sponges
  • High-performance plug & play simplicity

Six Sophisticated 24-Hour Lighting Systems

  • HQI metal halide, high-output T5 fluorescent, and LED moonlights
  • Integrated controllable three-mode digital timer
  • 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 foot models meet the 24-hour requirements of marine, reef, plant, or freshwater
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