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New Panorama Pro LED Fixture from Ecoxotic

Posted on Monday, December 19th, 2011 at 10:15 pm by
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The new Ecoxotic Panorama Pro LED fixture is 24″ of sleek LED delight. This beautiful new, low-profile, modular LED fixture will not only look great over your tank, but also packs quite a punch. Each unit is powered by 5 Panorama Pro modules for a total of 95W of light, adjustable to almost any color spectrum. The Panorama Pro uses passive cooling to dissipate heat away from the tank and unit.

So, how adjustable is adjustable? You can dim each LED color group with an inline dimmer which will help you achieve the color temp you’re looking for. You can also move the modules left and right in order to control where the light spreads to. This is great in situations where your aquascaping, or coral placement may require more light in a particular area. You can also add additional Panorama Pro Modules, or any of the Ecoxotic Stunner LED strips. This lets you add some of those really cool magenta Stunner strips from Ecoxotic.

Each 24” Panorama Pro LED Fixture comes with five Panorama Pro LED Modules (three 12K White/445nm Blue and two 445nm Blue modules), black aluminum housing, two inline on/off switch with adjustable dimmer control, two 24V power supplies for dawn/dusk control, polished reflectors, two 3-way splitters, an EcoCham cleaning cloth and instructions.

Note: Mounting hardware is sold separately. Choose one of the four different mounting options per fixture below. See specification sheet for sizing recommendations and optional upgrades.

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