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AquaticLife HID Lamps

Posted on Tuesday, March 9th, 2010 at 11:21 pm by
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HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamps are Metal Halide bulbs that are comparable to many of the commonly available HQI lamps in the reefkeeping hobby. Aquatic Life has chosen to use these single-ended G12 base 150 watt bulbs due to the fact that they can be installed in both a horizontal and vertical position. This, Aquatic Life says, provides much more versatility when it comes to fixture design and implementation. This flexibility allows Aquatic Life to offer reflectors that better direct the light, and having less light “spill” outside of the tank. For more information about the Aquatic Life HID Lamps, please visit the Aquatic Life Website.

  • The G12-based lamps are very common overseas; European and Japanese companies have used the lamps for years. Since our fixtures incorporate ANSI Standard M81 ballasts, they are compatible with other manufacturer’s lamps.
  • G12 lamps are a point source style light and will produce a dapple/shimmering effect over the aquarium!

Aquatic Life offers these HID bulbs in Natural White (6,000k), Ardent White (10,000k), Light blue (14,000k) and Medium Blue (20,000k), covering the complete aquarium spectrum of color temperatures.

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2 Responses to “AquaticLife HID Lamps”

  1. Matt Rogers says:

    HIDs are cool. Japan have been loving them for so long. It is about time we get them in the USA. We will buy them – it is a no brainer!

  2. Kyle Shady says:

    wonder when we will start seeing Ceramic Metal Halide technology in the aquarium trade?

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