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CaribSea’s try one for free promo

Posted on Monday, September 21st, 2009 at 7:25 am by

Want free reef additives? CaribSea is now promoting their new line of additives by letting you try one of their products absolutely free of charge. CaribSea is

so sure you are going to love our new products, that we are going to let you try one for free! This is a limited time offer, so act fast. Pick either our ReefCal™ calcium supplement, or our BufferPlus™ immediate and time release buffer.

Simply email your choice of either CaribSea Buffer Plus or CaribSea ReefCal to, together with your name and address.

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3 Responses to “CaribSea’s try one for free promo”

  1. olaf says:

    I filled out an email for this offer (My Choice – BufferPlus) back on 9/21/09 and still have not received anything. I know about 12 reefer around here that also did this and they haven’t gotten theirs either. This was right after it was published in Coral Magazine.

    • RT says:

      Try to contact CaribSea through their website. I’m sure they’ll be happy to hook you up.

  2. Douglas Bleiler says:

    CaribSea Buffer Plus

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