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Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Avast Marine, makers of the Swabbie, have introduced their newest product, the CS2 Black Pearl Recirculating Code Skimmer. Not to rip off Pulp Fiction, but “it’s the one that says Bad A$$ @#$^#$ %#$@#$”. Ok, well, it doesn’t really say that, but it should. This thing is absolutely like nothing you’ve ever seen before (well, other than the CS1).

This skimmer is designed as an external, recirculating skimmer, but can be run both in and out of a sump. Naturally, since it’s recirculating, it is un-effected by the surrounding water-level. You can either feed it with a dedicated feed pump, or simply use a portion of the return using a manifold. For those of you using a bio-pellet reactor, you may choose to either feed it directly using that output, or at the very least play the BP output near the skimmer feed pump.

The Black Pearl smoked acrylic has an additional advantage (asides from the obvious cosmetic one), it will prevent algae from growing inside the body of the skimmer, and therefore reduce the number of times you have to break it down and clean it with water and vinegar.

The CS2 Black Pearl is powered by a Sicce PSK-1000, with a custom-made venturi designed to draw around 1100 lph of air, at approximately 26 watts. The body tapers from 8″ to 4″ and is offset to allow the pump to be connected from below with 2 unions.

Technical Details:
Tank Rating: Up to 250 gallons (1000L), heavily stocked.
Footprint: 16″x11″ (406x280mm)
Height: 25″ (635mm), with Swabbie 28.75″ (730mm)
Diameter at Base 8″ (200mm)
Neck diameter: 4″ (100mm)
Collection Cup Diameter: 8″ (200mm)
Collection Cup removal & clearance: press-fit o-ring, requires 3/4″ (19mm) to remove.
Sicce PSK1000 performance: 40 scfh (1100 lph) @ 26w
For in sump or external use; requires approx. 200-400 gph (750-1500 lph) feed pump.
Warranty: 1 year.

The CS2 Black Pearl recirculating cone skimmer sells for $699.99.

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

EcoTech Marine is proud to officially introduce the Radion XR30W LED Light. Go to their booth at MACNA to check out an exclusive first look at this new LED light from EcoTech Marine.

The Radion XR30w is equipped with 34 energy-efficient LEDs in five controllable colors, hyper red, green, blue, royal blue and cool white. The Radion LED light is fully upgradeable — specifically designed to be an evolving lighting solution. Radion is completely configurable via USB connectivity to set up advanced modes. Radion’s wide light spread means more coverage and consistent color.

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

This Limited Edition Silver version of Marineland’s 18-24” Reef Capable LED light fixture is being produced exclusively for MACNA 2011 in Des Moines. It features all of the v.2 upgrades on the recently released production version of the light, including new dispersion lens over the 1 watt 460 nm blue LEDs and a newly designed power supply connection.

We at ReefTools recently were given 2 of these to give away, and there will be several more opportunities to get one if you are attending MACNA. Be sure to “Like” Marineland and Instant Ocean on Facebook for more details as we get closer to the show.

As part of this VIP giveaway for MACNA, ReefTools members are eligible for winning this limited edition LED light. The unique silver colored Reef Capable LED light has an MSRP of $199.00 and we are giving away 2 of them!!!!

For a chance to win, you can:

  • Sign up for Reef Tools Live (3 points)
  • Set up a profile for you tank on Reef Tools Live (3 points)
  • Post in our forum (1 point for each post)
  • Upload a reef photo to your Reef Tools Live photo gallery (1 point for each photo)
  • Post a blog post on Reef Tools Live (1 point for each post)

Each point gives you a chance to win one of the FREE LED lights. The winners will be announced on the Reef Tools website on Thursday 9/8/2011!!

Note: the winner must attend MACNA 2011 and able to pick the light up at the Marineland booth on Friday or Saturday.

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