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Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

We’re kidding with the photo of course, but the EcoCham by EcoXoic is a super absorbent cleaning towel, designed to help do that fun cleanup job. We often are not exactly eco-friendly when it comes to cleaning or tidying up our aquariums. It’s just so easy to reach for that paper towel roll, soak up the mess or clean the glass, and never give it a second thought. Well the folks over at EcoXotic have thought of a better way.

The idea is to no longer use paper towels or chemical cleaners about your aquarium. Just pop out your EcoCham get to work, and then just rinse and store away moist in the provided protective case. The EcoCham will help you clean and polish aquarium glass, remove salt residue, remove streaks, smudges and figerprints (STOP TOUCHING MY TANK!!).

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

On the heels of the ORA Yellowline Goby Availability announcement, ORA has just released their latest coral. The ORA Purple Undata has just been added to the ORA list. The brilliant purple plating montipora grows into a thick dark purple plate with a light growth edge. ORA reports that under extremely bright light, the ORA Undata will adapt a unique blue hue. ORA has been propogating this coral since 2008 when they received a piece from a European hobbyist.

Frags will be shipped on cement/aragonite disks and will be approximately 1 inch in diameter.

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011


Here are a few links to some new products we just added to our website & super sales. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at call
317-895-9005 or use our new Live Chat feature available from 10am-6pm M-Friday.

UV Lighting Super Actinic 12 New UV Lighting 12 and 18″ T5s! Now get your favorite T5s in smaller sizes for your nano tanks! Wavecontroller Now available Tunze USA 7092 Controller! Top of the line controller for all Turbelle pumps!
GLASS THERMOMETER + SUCTION CUP New JBJ Suction Thermometer! A compact, floating thermometer for any tank! 

JBJ-BT-01 – $1.49

Electrode Storage Solution 230mL Don’t forget your Hanna electrode storage solution to minimize clogging and fast repsonse time! 

HI-70300 – $10.99

*220volt* Super Reef Octopus 2000 Internal Protein Skimmer Select 220 volt Octopus skimmers are now in stock!
220v SRO 2000 INT – $350.99
220v SRO 3000 INT – $399.99
220v XP 1000SSS – $294.99
Maxi-Jet 400 Pro MaxiJet PRO powerheads are now in stock! Now comes with circulation kit to increase water flow
AquaHouse Dosing Pump with AC Adapter New Octopus Dosing
with automatic
micro-computer control! 

CV-OCT-DP-01AC – $84.99

Coralife Turbo-Twist 3X - 9 Watt UV Sterilizer Now BACK in stock! Coralife TurboTwist UV Sterilizers

9 Watt – $99.99
18 Watt – $142.99
36 Watt – $165.99

Deep Blue Inline Check Valve DeepBlue Check Valve Coming Soon! Nice affordable check valve for many applications! 

RY-ADB12201 – $1.49

AlgaGen Copepods AlgaGen Copepods of all kinds now available for dropship! An excellent way to seed and/or diversify tank life!
SpectraPure DI Cartridge - 10 in. New LOWER pricing! Spectrapure DI color cartridge now only $19.99, was $29.95. Check out our store for more new lower pricing on Spectrapure items! SpectraPure CSP 4-stage 90gpd RO/DI Spectrapure CSP-DI 90GPD RO/DI unit now only $208.99, was $249.99. Check out our store for more new lower pricing on Spectrapure items!

Be sure to check out our CLEARANCE section this week. It’s packed full of brand new closeouts, damage items, returns, etc.


Friday, April 1st, 2011

The Cad Lights 50G Artisan Series system features a hand-built, 10mm thick Starphire glass tank, with a frameless design. The 24″ x 24″ x 20″ tank is finished with furniture-style mitered edges. The complete reef-ready design comes with an acrylic overflow box which effectively skims the surface. The overflow box is rated for up to 1000GPH which allows the hobbyist to have sufficient flow through the Cadlights Pro 18G refugium sump. The Cadlights Pro 18G sump has a 10.25″ x 7″ skimmer chamber for a standard Bubble-Magus NAC-3 70G skimmer (or an upgraded 160G pin-wheel skimmer). The standard system is finished with a 3-stage 2–W HQI, T5HO, LED-HO lighting system and a cooling fan unit.

Some optional features for the 50G Artisan Series are:

  • 120W LED Pendant, equivalent in PAR to a 250W Metal Halide.
  • Bubble-Magus NAC-6, rated for 160G
  • Brushed Stainless steel finish lamp tree for HQI (Pair)
  • Brushed Stainless steel finish lamptree for LED system (Single)
  • Single Return, for higher raised Durso drain pipe and new design helps reduce drain noise by 30%
  • Trapezoid box which cuts down “Deadspots” by up to 40% and improves overall removal of detritus around the overflow box area
  • NEW improved plumbing Heavy Duty Nylon Bulk-head fittings. much stronger than SCH.40 PVC., raised Durso drain pipe, pressure reinforced tubing etc.
Friday, April 1st, 2011

Yesterday we shared a video of the rare white tang. We wanted to show you some more photos of this beautiful and rare tang. Here is a series of photos showing “Capster” the white tang just chillin’ in World Wide Corals’ 293 gallon reef display tank. It’s really interesting to see the contrast of a white subject in an extremely vivid environment.

[via R2R]

Friday, April 1st, 2011

In western Australia, dolphins face an interesting challenge. The fish they feed on, have resorted to hiding in extremely shallow water. “Tail slapping,” a method dolphins use to stun their pray, does not work in this case, so they have implemented a new technique. They build up speed, and then they hydroplane literally onto the beach. This great video from the BBC captures dolphins exhibiting this behavior.

The dolphins are able to use the shoreline as a barrier, while directing their pray closer and closer, until it has no more space to hide. It’s extremely interesting to see that the younger dolphins watch and learn how to hydroplane from their mothers. It’s important to note that due to mating habits, it’s extremely unlikely that this behavior is genetic in nature.

Friday, April 1st, 2011

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) found a 2,000 year old black coral in the Gulf of Mexico. The black coral (class Anthoza, order Antipatharia) was found on Wed March 30th, 2011, near the infamous BP oil well. This was the first time scientists have been able to validate this deep-sea coral’s age. The black coral thrives in water that is 984 feet and deeper, yet they are significantly influenced by what happens on both the ocean surface and floor. It’s amazing to think that a coral can live for over 2,000 years (not in my tank, of course).

The scientists used the Johnson-Sea-Link, a manned submersible, to collect the samples. Dr. Nancy Pouty of the USGS said “Deep-sea black corals are a perfect example of ecosystems linked between the surface and the deep ocean. They can potentially record this link in their skeleton for hundreds to thousands of years.”

The combination of age dating with a new skeletal sampling laser allowed scientists to reconstruct environmental conditions in segments smaller than a decade over the last 1,000 to 2,000 years. The black coral grows in a tree, or bush-like form, and are the slowest growing deep-sea corals. These corals grow between 8 and 22 micrometers per year (so stop complaining about your chalices!!). Black corals get their food from sinking organic matter, rather than symbiotic algae, which means that they must construct skeletons that are flexible, yet strong enough to endure the significant flow which carries food.

[via USGS]

Friday, April 1st, 2011

So…you’re in your boat, doing some fishing, and a shark jumps into your boat. No, this is not an April Fools joke. Jason Kresse and two companions were approximately 50 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico fishing for red snapper, when an 8 food mako shark jumped aboard.

“All of a sudden something hit the side of the boat,” Kresse told The Associated Press on Tuesday. “He ends up landing on the back of the boat.” Kresse believes that the shark had been stimulated by the two buckets of fish guts they dumped overboard, and had gone into a feeding frenzy. The 8 foot shark aboard the 25 foot boat made for a cozy trip back to shore. Kresse said that they were unable to get close enough to the 375-pound shark in order to throw it back into the water. Unfortunately, the shark thrashed around the board for several hours before dying.

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