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Friday, April 29th, 2011

Premium Aquatics: Visi-Therm 25 watt Heater regular price $17.99, now only $10.99!
Salty Critter: Tunze Master DOC 9460 Skimmer, regular price $1824.51, now only $1139.00!
HelloLights: $20 OFF!!! Hellolights 2 bulb T5 Retrofit kits (Available in 24″, 36″, and 48″ Lengths)
Marine Depot: 20% OFF JBJ Automatic Top Off (A.T.O.) System Water Level Controller. Regular price $99.99 now only $87.99.
That Pet Place: Koralia 4 Controllable Wave Pump – 550 to 1400 gph, regular price $59.89, now only $51.89!
Bulk Reef Supply: 10% off Two Part Calcium and Alkalinity Solution!
Foster and Smith Aquatics: 20% off Azoo Cooling Fans.
Reef Specialty: Coralvue “High Seas” Wave Makers – CV-102B. Regular $32.99, now only $29.65!
SeaQuest Marine: D-D RowaPhos 1000ml. regular price $79.95, now only $70.88!
Aquarium Guys: Supreme Mag Drive Water Pump 700GPH. Regular price $91.79, now only $70.79!
Big Als Online:  Marineland Black Diamond Carbon > 40 oz (1134 g). Regular price $12.99, now only $17.49

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Friday, April 29th, 2011

Here’s a hot Aussie Scoly that is coming to LiveAquaria’s Diver’s Den tonight. This particular scoly has a brilliant green center, with yellow, purple, orange and red on the outer rim, and several bright pink stripes. We can’t wait to see who the proud owner is.

If you’re interested, remember to check out Diver’s Den tonight.

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Earlier this week, we submitted part 1 of the Reef Dynamics XRC2000 Video, well, here is the complete version.

We left part one with the Reef Dynamics XRC2000 ready to be filled. If you’ve already watched part 1, skip ahead to 3:10 in the video timeline. You will see the skimmer being filled with the feed pump. The next shot is of the skimmer running. Oh man…so cool. Initially, the bubbles are about 13 to 14″ off the button. As the video continues, you can see that the chamber is now almost completely filled (only 7-8″ of the 3′ chamber are not full!) The use of several smaller pumps results in less turbulence than 1 large recirculating pump. Also, if one pump fails, the skimmer will continue to produce skimmate, whereas with one large pump, you’d have to replace it asap.

The video then skips to the next day, where the skimmer has been running for 24 hours. The feed rate is controlled by a schedule 80 ball valve. As far as airflow, each pump is running at about 14-15 liters per minute. As the bioload increases in the system, and the water-level in the skimmer itself drops, it will even out at 15 liters per minute. Now, take 15×7 (pumps) and you get a total of 105 liters/minute which can skim 2000 gallons with no problem.

Just to review, the Reef Dynamics XRC2000 is 16″ in diameter, the reaction chamber is 3′ tall, the transition plus the cup are another 2′ for a total of 60″. You can also see that RD added more holes the skimmer cup, to allow the absurd amount of air being pumped into the skimmer, a way to vent. Next, we get a perfect example of why you need a silencer on the skimmer drain.

Make sure to buy one of these for your next nano at Reef Dynamics.

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

ORA, who has recently released their Purple Undata, is ready to release their next coral. The new Echinopora looks like the Hollywood Stunner, came to ORA from Julian Sprung. Sprung was breaking down his outdoor aquarium last year, and informed ORA that the coral was originally purchased at a small coral shop in Germany. “It LOOKS like Hollywood stunner, and it certainly is E. lamellosa, but it may be that they entered the trade at different times, and possibly from different places, so there may be differences in the growth rate and final appearance.”

So, let’s all get creative, and help ORA pick a name:
Green Polyp Echinopora
Hollywood Stunner
Julian’s Chalice
Sprung’s Stunner

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Giant clams start out like all other clams, as a small larvae floating in the ocean. They begin growing by using the food they obtain from filtering. But at some point, they pick up small algae called zooxanthellae that and a symbiotic relationship which allows the clam to be solar powered. As it continues to filter feed, the giant clam now has two fuel sources. This extra fuel source can grow to an absolutely massive size. Some giant clams can actually grow to more than 4 feet across, and weigh upwards of 500 lbs. Now, lately, the numbers of giant clams has been declining. One solution to this problem, is setting up giant clam farms, which in turn may help wild clam populations to rebound.

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Seachem, who just brought us Reef Phytoplankton and Reef Zooplankton, is now hiring! The company has been constantly growing, and is now looking for some new employees to facilitate and support it’s increasing market.

Here are the current positions with their descriptions:

Sales Manager Midwest /Central US region

Seachem is currently looking to fill a Sales Manager position for the Midwest/Central US region. We are looking for self motivated people with a solid drive to move business forward. Applicants should be able to travel with some frequency. Relocation may or may not apply based on current residence.

Preferred attributes include: business degree, experience in the hobby/industry, experience in sales, good understanding of science/technical matters, fluency in multiple languages, ability to build and maintain productive business relationships.

Email resumes to:

International Detailing Rep.

Preferred base of Operation: Madison, GA

The International Detailing Representative is expected to coordinate dealer sales programs through aggressive detailing of the international sales territory. This includes all areas outside of The United States.

– Must be able to travel and work internationally
– Must be willing to travel at least 20 business days out of each month
– Distributor Rep experience a plus
– A working knowledge of aquarium and/or herpetological husbandry
– Skill and mastery of languages beyond English desired

Email resumes to:

Research Director

Location: Madison, GA
This position is full-time and includes benefits such as health/dental insurance and paid holidays.
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

– Research and development of new products
– Assessment of existing products
– Planning and implementation of research projects of importance to the industry
– QA/QC of raw goods and finished products
– Laboratory inventory, ordering, and general housekeeping
– Assistance of Product Support department in troubleshooting customer complaints

Requirements for this position:

– Master’s Degree or higher in a field of science (preferably Chemistry, Marine Biology, Biology, or other related field)
– Experience in general research and publishing of peer-reviewed material
– Ability to read, analyze, and interpret scientific and technical journals in order to stay current with industry advancements

Email resumes to:

Sales Support & Education Specialist

Location: Madison, GA

We are seeking an enthusiastic individual whose goal is to work toward growing with our company. The Sales Support and Education Specialist position will require an individual to speak with customers to answer technical questions about a variety of different topics including, but not limited to: water chemistry, fish/reptile biology, and general aquarium/pond maintenance. In addition, this person will be responsible for providing customer service to the retailers of our products and participating in training sessions in order to educate retailers and end users. There are opportunities to travel while working in this position as well. The full-time employee will receive benefits such as heath/dental insurance, paid holidays, leave time, etc.

This position requires, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree in a science-related field. Applicants should be willing to travel and possess excellent verbal and written communication skills. The ability to present effectively in front of large groups is also required.

This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to put their science degree to use in a very unique field.

Email resumes to:

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

During a 3-week winter expedition to Auckland Islands, National Geographic photographer Brian Skerry and his assistant encountered an incredible 45-foot long Right Whale. The whale swap down to the bottom and gently approached the duo. Brian’s assistant, stood on the ocean-floor and posed perfectly for this amazing shot. “Our hearts were beating right out of our chest, because it was so exhilarating,” says Skerry, “but there is no threat by this animal it just had a great deal of curiosity”. The result, this amazingly composed shot.

“I’ve had some magnificent animal encounters out there in the wild; but I have to say, this one tops the list.”Can you imagine being at the bottom of the ocean and seeing this giant swimming towards you. How incredible.

Right Whales, which refers to three species of large baleen whales, were given this name by whales who considered them “right” for the hunt, due to their tendency to swim close to the shores, and then float when killed. Because of these two factors, they almost became extinct by the whaling industry.

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Here is a cool video from Reef Dynamics, displaying their new XRC2000 Protein skimmer. The reaction chamber of this huge protein skimmer is 16″ in diameter, leading to a 6.5″ neck, and a 12″ diameter cup that is also 12″ tall. Now that you’re confused with all these number, let’s move on. The cup uses a bayonet-style ring, for easy removal and service. The Skimmer cup comes pre-drilled with 1″ drain fitting that you can attach a valve to.

Let’s talk about power. The XRC2000 has 7 Eheim 1262 pumps recirculating water. Each of the pump is connected with dual schedule 80 unions, which makes for easy maintenance. The inlet fitting on each pump goes to the bottom of the skimmer, which pulls low-oxygen water, and increases the efficiency of the venturi. All XRC skimmers have a gate valve on their outlet, to control bubble height. The skimmer has a drain valve by the base plate, which is used for emptying the reaction chamber. This is a must for either moving the skimmer, or performing maintenance on the pumps.

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Last year, we wrote about a cool motorized protein skimmer neck cleaner called the Swabbie. This cool little reef gizmo, helps keep your skimmer neck clean from build-up. A clean skimmer neck means that nothing is there to impede foam from rising into the cup.

Basically, all you need to do, is plug the Swabbie into a timer, and have it turn on 4-6 times a day, that’s it. Basically, set it and forget it. Avast will even retrofit a swabbie unto your existing skimmer lid.

Here is a video showing the Swabbie in action:

Monday, April 25th, 2011

The Evolution UFO LED light has a circular design, with a big face to “emit a more effective light.” The Evolution UFO is available in both a 2:1 and 1:1 ratio of blue-to-white LEDs. The UFO is 3″ tall and 11″ in diameter, weights 8 lbs and comes with the needed hanging hardware. The blue LEDs used in the UFO are 460nm, and the white LEDs are warm white. The UFO projects light with a 90 degree optics. The UFO is said to be a good replacement for a 150W Metal Halide or an 18″ cube. This cool LED fixture sells for $199.99 is has an expected 50,000 hours lifespan.

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